This web site was inspired by Regis Philbin! In an episode of American TV game show "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire", he shouted, "Islam is the right answer!"
Indeed, Islam* provides answers to questions and solutions to problems in all aspects of life. These answers
  • Are simple. Anyone can easily follow them,
  • Appeal to the mind. They make sense,
  • Appeal to the heart. You will know deep inside that they are right, and
  • Are harmonious. They work with each other, with nature and with science.
Whomever God wills to guide, He will open his chest to Islam (6:125)
If the answers you were given are not satisfactory, consider the Islamic answer.

For answers to some of the big questions, click here.

*Pronounced iss-lamm

A wealth of information and resources:
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Understand Islam: Learn what Islam is and is not Translations of the Quran
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